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My New Computer

I got an iMac5k. For those playing the home game, you’ll remember my Mac Pro bit the dust on July 4th weekend. I had it limping along, able to transfer documents from my laptop, able to download Mail, but then it died completely, however I could access the hard drives via Target Disk Mode, but […]


“‘Serial’ Podcast Catches Fire: In the sleepy world of podcasts, ‘Serial’ has emerged as a global phenomenon” Is everybody just a lying sack of shit? Nothing’s organic anymore, everything’s being worked. The internet was supposed to kill the major labels and allow the unsigned to break through but the majors are more powerful than ever […]

Thomas Middelhoff Goes To Jail

They all want to be rock stars. Who? You know, the guy who ran Bertelsmann, before he was forced out and they sold RCA to Sony, the guy who embraced Napster and was then squeezed out by the controlling Mohn family when he wanted to take Bertelsmann public and utilize the proceeds to further expand. […]

Rhinofy-I’ve Been Searchin’ So Long

It’s my favorite Chicago track. That’s right, I got on the bandwagon early, with the initial double album, which is still the best, which sold for $3.44 at Korvette’s. I played that thing incessantly, bought the second double album and gave up thereafter, the band went too pop, they seemed to go where the hits […]