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Gold Dust Woman

I saw Fleetwood Mac open a stadium show back in ’75, before Anaheim had bleachers in the outfield, back when the Angels sucked and no band ever emerged from Orange County. It was a summer of stadium shows.  Today only Taylor Swift can sell 50,000 tickets, anybody else who says they can lies, or plays […]


Q: What’s your best tip for other entrepreneurs? A: It’s not about starting a business. It’s about solving problems. That’s what being an entrepreneur is. Find a problem that there’s a better way to solve. Get a vision of how it could work better, and stick with it. Ron Shaich, Chairman of Panera Bread, in […]

The Tiger Mother Craze

Everybody wants to be rich. Ever wonder why Bono joined forces with wannabe musician Roger McNamee in Elevation Partners?  Believe me, it wasn’t to shepherd the birth of the unnecessary Palm Pre, it was to get rich.  Because you just can’t make enough money in the music business anymore. Bon Jovi had the top tour […]

The Anne Frank House

We went to the Anne Frank house.  I was there once before, back in ’72 as Bob Seger would say, but it was different.  They had flat screens and quotes and…the diary itself. I didn’t remember that. It almost didn’t seem real.  The house, that is.  It’s half a century later.  I was calculating.  In […]