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John Batdorf and James Lee Stanley, performing their acoustic rearrangements of Stones songs, some solo stuff and recounting a bunch of rock history, like how Batdorf was signed to Ahmet’s Atlantic but then asked to be switched to Geffen’s Asylum for the second album and ultimately ended up on Clive’s Arista, which is the last time he recorded with Mark Rodney until NOW!

Yup, listen to the Stones samples at:

Acoustic Guitars and Rolling Stones Songs

and tracks from John’s new album at:

John Batdorf

Last time I saw Batdorf perform, a month ago, he told us how he was inspired by Stephen Stills’ great guitar playing. Then, John proceeded to work out on his Martin and bring me right back there, into that pocket, when acoustic music ruled. If you were a fan of that Stephen Stills debut, check out "Can’t Be Trusted".

But, the most meaningful song is "I Don’t Always Win".

Remember those late night teenager and early twentysomething years, when you had more questions than answers, and you stayed up long after dark, with only your records to console you, keep you company? "I Don’t Always Win" sounds EXACTLY LIKE THOSE MOMENTS!

There’s a feeling that oldsters, aged baby boomers, can’t recapture the greatness of their youth. I think Batdorf is now BETTER! Sure, he got some airplay with Mark Rodney thirty years ago, and toured, but he never broke through to big time fame, he can’t survive on his royalties. He’s lived inside his head, he hasn’t been worried about dealing with groupies at Kitson, but rather feeding his family. So, the passion, the desire, IS STILL THERE!

I didn’t listen to Batdorf’s album the first time he sent it to me. I mean in today’s Net world, how much can you experience, how much can you check out? But, after seeing him live, I INSISTED he send me another. I WANTED to hear it, the way you bought the album of the opening act you experienced in the triple header at Fillmore East.

And for those who were fans the first time, be sure to listen to "Home Again" on MySpace, a remake of a tune from Batdorf & Rodney’s second album.

This is the song that won me over. I went to see Batdorf and Stanley for the Stones tunes. I wasn’t eager to hear unfamiliar new stuff. But when John started strumming that Martin, when he got lost in the music, when the audience no longer mattered, when it was about the power of music to transform both the player AS WELL as the listener, that’s when I got hooked.

James Lee Stanley has a new album too. You can hear it at:

James Lee Stanley

To tell you the truth, I was so mesmerized by James Lee’s stories, about sneaking out against his father’s wishes and burning up his bathing suit and having to ride his bike home in the nude, that I’m looking forward to having another chance to reacquaint myself with his originals on Sunday night.

So, tune in. From 9-11 PM, on Sunday night, 97.1 Free FM.

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P.S. Batdorf, can you put up "Solitude" as the last track on your MySpace page?

That’s my other favorite on his album. It sounds like one of those Stills songs off a Crosby, Stills & Nash album, like "4+20", or "Helplessly Hoping".

If you were ever lonely, if you ever thought the world was unjust, if you ever listened to a record to get you through the night, you’ll get this.

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