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The iPhone Reviews Are In!

The iPhone Is a Breakthrough Handheld Computer The iPhone Matches Most of Its Hype What if it WORKS? THAT’S the fascinating question, not if it doesn’t. Oh, we’re used to disappointments. Letdowns. Ever watch a prizefight? They build it up for months, and sometimes in NINETY SECONDS, it’s OVER! Or, how about a movie. The […]

Number One?

  Jon Bon Jovi did "American Idol", "The Today Show", "Unplugged" and all he could sell was 285,000 measly albums? Wanted dead or alive? I’d say NOT WANTED TOO MUCH! Hey Jon, why didn’t you get arrested and violate your probation so you could get out of jail when your album was released? This is […]

Kenny Chesney

In the new "Newsweek" they’ve got "181 Things You Need To Know Now". It’s set up in the manner of a quiz. Like this: "True or False: U.S.’s Broadband Penetration Is Lower Than Even Estonia". If you guessed false, you obviously haven’t been tracking this story. Turns out the U.S. is 24TH when it comes […]


What do you do when they’re off you, when they suddenly hate you, when nothing you do will bring them back. Somewhere along the line, Paula Cole became a joke. Sometime between the incessant airplay for "Where Have All The Cowboys Gone" and the ubiquity of "I Don’t Want To Wait". It could have been […]