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Giving It Away

I’m positively stunned at the blowback from business regulars about that chap giving his music away for free.  Oldsters can’t understand the economics! I’ll clue you in, THERE ARE NONE! This is your worst nightmare.  People who can follow their dream on sweat equity.  Who with their computer and the money from their day job […]

E-Mail Of The Day

Hi Bob, Regarding Myspace…. My music partner and I ditched Snocrap a long time ago and went with the free music model as a way to use MySpace for good and not evil. We like to go to shows around L.A. and give away our CDs to people coming out of the venue. A week […]

This Afternoon

Feelin’ Alright Actually, I’m not.  I’ve got this sinus infection that won’t quit.  But you can’t stay home forever, so I met Jane for lunch at the Century City Shopping Center. Houston’s Funny how this restaurant sustains, when so many fall by the wayside. Jane told me about MySpace.  You see she’s jumped from the […]

E-Mail Of The Day

Hi Bob! I’m a regular reader of your email blogs & a music enthusiast who is not involved in the industry. Here’s my curiosity (or pet peeve) which you might be able to expand upon: Why does it take so damn long for a finished CD to go on sale? Listening to the radio via […]