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That’s Yahoo’s new business model. To sneak in advertorial amongst the real posts to try to get you to click on them so they can make money. And you wonder why no one trusts the press. David Carr did a good article about that today: “A Novel Lays Bare Media Ills” Which is why credibility […]

More EDC

I wanna go back, go back And do it all over Can’t go back, I know “I Wanna Go Back” Billy Satellite I had such a good time in Vegas that I’m sitting here in L.A. depressed, coming down from an experience I didn’t anticipate that has me yearning for more. Ain’t that how it […]

The Helicopter

Absolutely positively frightening. And thrilling all at the same time. I thought it would be easier coming back, but the guys in the copter were from Brazil and Mexico City, where whirlybirds are de rigueur, they were nodding out as the electronic music pulsed in the headphones and the vehicle was getting bounced around and […]

More Vegas/EDMBiz

THE POOL So I’m accosted by this woman who works for Jason Flom who’s bitching that Republic won’t let her put her artists on channels other than Vevo. Huh? So she introduces me to this English cat, who controls twelve YouTube channels with eight figure revenue. Each one has a million subscribers. They find acts […]