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Rhinofy-Cream Primer

I FEEL FREE The best song off the debut, “Fresh Cream,” which only hipsters were aware of, mostly because of Clapton’s history with John Mayall. Credit its minor impact to the production, which was attributed to Robert Stigwood, the tracks just didn’t jump out enough, there was mud in the grooves, except for this one, […]

Gerry Goffin

“Loco-Motion” was the second record I ever bought. Yes, I remember it’s hyphenated. Do you know how much I stared at that label? That’s where I first saw the words “Goffin/King.” At the time, I didn’t even know those were the writers! But how I loved that track. What is that sound? A saxophone? It […]

Fire Phone

Cool, disruptive, cheap. Pick one. Pick two and you’ve broken the paradigm. Pick all three and you’re a ubiquitous product that eliminates all comers and has established companies scratching their noggins in the dust. The Fire Phone has none. One of the main reasons people rush to buy the new iPhone and Galaxy is because […]

EDMBiz-Day One

I smell money! I’ve been flying all over the world listening to an ever-decreasing number of old farts lamenting the music business ain’t what it used to be. That the kids have stolen all the music, that you just can’t get paid. And then I come to Las Vegas and find out we’re experiencing a […]