The Whole Amchitka Album

Consider this a public service announcement.

I broke from this screen to watch the final "Curb Your Enthusiasm".  Talk about being nostalgic…

The nineties were a lost decade for me.  My ex moved out in ’89, just when "Seinfeld" began.  I was a comedy nut, I’d seen all the stand-ups on late night TV, even before that lame "Improv" show killed the format.  And Jerry was always second best, to George Carlin.

Carlin said the great thing about the supermarket was if you decided you didn’t want something, you could put it back ANYWHERE!

Jerry asked if we knew why they called it the "Check-Out Line".  I think of that every time I’m in the supermarket.

So, knowing Jerry and being suddenly addicted to television, having never owned a set until 1987, and seeming to be one of the few people who knew how to program a VCR, I recorded "The Seinfeld Chronicles".

And then watched every new episode in order.

The interplay between Jerry and Larry on "Curb" was utterly amazing.  When they were standing by Jason’s book, talking about "Having said that…"

When Jerry talked about the old days, how they shared all their secrets…  Doing filmed entertainment is like being in the army, a unique experience even more intense than college, you never forget those days, the experiences you had. But they don’t last.

And how Jason slipped right into character.  And Julia.

It was like it was the nineties all over again.

But it’s not.  Everybody looked a bit older.  Jerry’s lost a bit of hair, Jason is chunkier, Julia’s hair is longer, she looks more sophisticated.  Michael?  Like Cosmo Kramer, he doesn’t age.

But the absolute best part of the episode, of the whole damn series, was Larry getting back together with Cheryl.  We love happy endings.  Especially when they no longer exist in the real world.  When we can’t get out of Afghanistan and Wall Street is bringing whole cities to their knees

Of course, Larry fucks it up.  Because that’s what George does.  And Larry is George.

And waking up my computer before I go on my theoretical hike, I found an e-mail stating that one could stream the entire Amchitka album on that site.

Who knew?

Certainly not me.  They sent me super-secret media links.

But it turns out anybody can stream the album.  Cherry-pick the tracks.

So do this:

Go to: The Amchitka Concert

Wait for the complete page to load.

Then click on "Music" on the bottom left-hand side of the page.

Wait once again, this site is testimony to the fact that Flash should be outlawed.

And when the page finally loads, above the box with text, you’ll see the words "Play List and Streaming" in green.  Click those words.

Wait once again.

And then you’ll see what I saw.  The complete album.  Available for streaming.

You might have to click tracks twice to hear them.  The site is kludgy.

But play these songs.

They’re our history.  They’re our family.

And if you’re too young to remember know that…you’re never too young, or too old.  Rock and roll never forgets, it lasts forever, it’s ready for you when you’re ready for it.

Happy Thanksgiving.

(P.S. Don’t forget to scroll down to see/hear all the tracks!  "A Case Of You" is number 10 in the Joni Mitchell column…)

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