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“Carey”/”Mr. Tambourine Man”

I’m always anxious about overloading your inbox, but… Although you can’t stream the Amchitka album from the site I referenced, a bit of sleuthing turned up a stream of this, Joni singing "Carey" into Dylan’s "Mr. Tambourine Man" on EW’s site. This is great, but not quite as good as the more introspective "A Case […]

Amchitka-The 1970 Concert That Launched Greenpeace

Next month Taylor Swift will be twenty.  She’s already had her heart broken, but she’s not quite aware how complicated and confusing life truly is, how you can seemingly be on top of the world and commit suicide, like Freddie Prinze, how you can be almost broke, but be beamingly happy. But Taylor does know […]

John Mayer/Bon Jovi

If older folk still buy music and younger people steal it, why did John Mayer sell almost twice as many albums the first week out as Bon Jovi? Yes, according to, John Mayer sold 301,204 copies of his new album, "Battle Studies", this week.  Whereas last week, Bon Jovi moved 165,871 copies of "The […]

Re-Hacking Into Taylor Swift’s Website

Hi Bob, I’m the owner of – according to Taylor Swift we broke into her official website. Taylor is a great girl and accomplished performer – I have nothing but respect for her. But I shall kindly disagree with her statement. Probably would go as far as to call it a complete bullshit… We […]