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House of Cards

If it was on HBO, it’d be the biggest show on television. Ambition and intrigue, the linchpins of modern life. Throw in a little gossip and you’ve got the local office as well as the White House. It’s universal. We’re all trying to get ahead and get along. But there are early adopters and those […]

The Mighty Storm

The Mighty Storm Al Kooper strikes again. Peter Bradley Adams was one half of a duo entitled eastmountainsouth signed to DreamWorks whose album was so overmassaged and spent upon that it sunk under its own weight and the act broke up. Times were a’ changin’, we were hitting the indie era, it was more about […]


That’s right, the Backstreet Boys album. I had to own it, I needed to hear “I Want It That Way.” After all, it was cowritten by the world’s number one hitmaker, MAX MARTIN! Huh? Just like Mutt Lange was the eighties’ secret sauce, Max Martin has filled that role for the past fifteen years, ever […]

Close Call

I almost got killed last night. And that’s the truth and it was totally my fault and I’m still shaking. Because you feel so alive after the Grim Reaper’s scythe misses you but you don’t stop being haunted by what almost was. So I was meeting a friend at the Moon House, the Chinese restaurant […]