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Johan Röhr

“Mood music maker scores fifteen billion streams, and prompts yet another ‘fake artists’ debate – ‘Fake artists’ have become a talking point again after a Swedish newspaper highlighted how one musician is scoring billions of streams by recording tracks targeted at Spotify’s mood music playlists under 656 different names.”: THIS ‘SECRET’ COMPOSER IS BEHIND […]


Subject: Re: Neil Young Returns To Spotify Hi Bob, Finally! A little perspective from a Label Owner / Artist Manager… I understand the conceptual pushback from artists.  And I won’t adress that here.  For my company, I have seen my revenue (on my 2,000 song catalog) increase as a result of streaming.  Yes.  It took […]

God & Country

Trailer: They’ve got to stop releasing these documentaries theatrically. Did you see that “Love on the Spectrum” was the number six most watched original streaming series last week? Yes, with 433 million minutes. The producers could have made a film on autism, taken it to a bunch of festivals, waited two years to release […]

The Judee Sill Movie

“Lost Angel: The Genius of Judee Sill” Website: Trailer: It creeped me out, in a good way. I got e-mail from Cheryl Strayed, telling me her documentarian husband had made a movie about Judee Sill…did I know who she was, would I watch it? Of course I know who Judee Sill is/was. She […]