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The Oscars

The stars aren’t sexy. I’m not talking about physical appearance, I’m talking in advertising terms. They’re no longer special. They’ve been demoted image-wise. And traditional media doesn’t want to admit this. Want to know who’s a star? Greta Thunberg. Because she believes what she says, irrelevant of whether you agree or not. You see the […]

Re-Blood, Sweat & Tears

I’m thrilled that our film captured your interest and compelled you to take two hours out of your busy day to watch. My phone and inbox have been blowing up in the past few hours from readers of “The Lefsetz Letter,” some of whom knew I was the filmmaker behind “What The Hell Happened To Blood, Sweat […]

Emily The Criminal

Trailer: Aubrey Plaza is wicked good. Just a couple of hours ago, I was thinking how the movies are over. Except for the superhero flicks, because really they’re like series, you know, the Marvel Universe is like a multi-season extravaganza on Netflix. But the real movies, the soul of the industry, the stories, based […]

A Note From The Front

1 I’ve been sick as a dog. And there’s nothing worse than being unable to ski whilst at a ski area. I could check myself, apologize somehow, for not only being in Vail but choosing to ski at all, but that’s exactly the point. You think everybody is watching, you think everybody cares, when in […]