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Susan Anspach

How can she be dead? I’ve turned into my father, I’m addicted to the obituaries. For the shock, for the connection, to feel good I’m still here. Last week Bob Beattie died. He didn’t merit an obit in the L.A. “Times,” but he got credit in the “New York Times.” He made the U.S. Ski […]

The Oscars

No one in Hollywood seems to have read “The Innovator’s Dilemma.” That’s right, we’ve been at the mercy of digital disruption for two decades, but the movie industry believes through sheer force of will it can adhere to the past and drag the public along with it. But it don’t really happen that way at […]

The Elliott Murphy Documentary

He’s not happy. But that’s the ethos of an artist, not a businessman. And we’ve all become business people. In the limited rock press, a fraction of what it is today, filled with press releases and the mass opinions of the great unwashed, Elliott Murphy got traction with his 1973 album “Aquashow.” But it was […]

The Golden Globes

Whenever Hollywood gets together to pat itself on its back it fails to realize it’s lost touch with America. That’s right, no one cares what an actor or actress has to say, they became unmoored from the public consciousness the day America got broadband, and could see their shenanigans on TMZ, ignorant hustlers inured to […]