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The John Waite Documentary

“The Hard Way”: Now that was depressing. We believed in the dream… But now the dream is over. I own a a Babys album. It was always hard to believe in a group with that name, but “Isn’t It Time” is magical. To hear how that track came to be is disillusioning. I normally […]

The Sinead O’Connor Documentary

Showtime trailer: It’s great, I give it a big thumbs-up, but it’s not the movie I thought it would be. You see today’s documentaries are not truth, they’re hagiography. The one that bugs me the most is the Bee Gees’…watching it you’d believe they were as big as the Beatles in the sixties, when […]

Harvey Fierstein-This Week’s Podcast

Writer/actor Harvey Fierstein is a charismatic raconteur you can’t help but love. Listen to this podcast whether you know him or not, because embedded in his tales is so much wisdom, it’s changed my life already!

Jean-Luc Godard

1 You’ve got to be a boomer (or older!) to know who this guy is. Maybe youngsters have heard the name, maybe those ensconced in college level film studies are aware of his work, but Godard is definitely in the rearview mirror. Dying of assisted suicide, he was a man out of time. How to […]