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Music Burgeons

The theatrical movie business is never going to recover. And we might need population growth to fill all those office buildings. But music? It keeps getting bigger and bigger. The movie business killed itself. This is what happens when you put bean counters in charge. Let’s see… Marketing expenses are so high, let’s make fewer […]


From: Lindsay Berra To: Bob Lefsetz Subject: It Ain’t Over Doc Hi Bob, Lindsay Berra here, Yogi’s granddaughter. A dozen or so friends forwarded me the post you did on Grampa’s documentary today. First, I’m so glad you enjoyed the film, and second, thank you so much for taking the time to write something about […]

The Yogi Berra Movie

“It Ain’t Over” trailer: 1 Baseball came before music. I know there are people who are older, who lived through the advent of not only Elvis, but Bill Haley. But I was not born, or even aware back then. By time I came of age, there were novelty songs, like “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny […]

War Sailor

Netflix trailer: This starts off slow. “War Sailor” is a three episode series on Netflix. It’s Norwegian. I’ve actually been to Norway twice, it’s different from Sweden. First and foremost not everybody speaks English. And, the country used to be backward economically but as a result of finding oil decades back, it’s now incredibly […]