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This Week’s Sales

1. Young Jeezy "Inspiration: Thug Motivation" Sales this week: 352,392Debut These rap albums, they come and they go.  One used to feel ignorant and out of it not knowing the rap stars, now one just sees them as a sideshow, part of the Top Forty/MTV circus. Interestingly, the single, "I Luv It", is number 15 […]

The Man From Google Returns

Chris Sacca made a return appearance in Aspen this year.  I’d like to say he was greeted with open arms, but it was clear he felt unexpectedly blindsided.  You see last year, after delineating all the initiatives of the search giant, Chris said he had an open door, er, open e-mail, policy.  This turned out not […]


Clive was a lawyer.  Mo was an accountant.  But Ahmet was always a music lover. Ahmet didn’t get into the business by accident.  He NEEDED to be in it, he needed to get CLOSER!  Because he was infected, and the only way he could be cured was to sign acts, write songs, produce records, be […]


Making friends for the world to seeLet the people know you got what you needWith a friend at hand you will see the lightIf your friends are there then everything’s all right "Friends"Elton John In 1994, I fell off the edge. I’d been declining for years, ever since my wife moved out.  Then I lost […]