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The Debate

I can’t remember a thing Hillary Clinton said. We’ve seen this movie before, when Arnold Schwarzenegger ran against Gray Davis, the lovable Terminator/Twin against the career politician/policy wonk. It was no contest, Arnold won. And we went on a misadventure wherein California’s steam was picked up by Texas, because it turns out a celebrity debater […]

Chris Collingwood In A Backyard

He met Mitchell Froom on LinkedIn. His then manager said the uber-producer wouldn’t be interested, that they couldn’t afford him. Chris expected this high-powered majordomo to take matters into his own hands, that’s why you sign with the movers and shakers, their relationships, their access, but it turned out Chris made more progress by himself. […]

Signifiers Disappear

First they came for your watch. Next they’re coming for your car. Used to be he who died with the most toys won. Now, ownership is passe, everything’s on demand. I first realized this fifteen years ago, when I noticed Jimmy Iovine had the same Nokia phone, a tiny blue stub of a device, it […]

Luke Bryan At The Fabulous Forum

It was like Friday night at college. Back before iPhones. When Mommy and Daddy had no idea what transpired, when you forgot about studies, raised a glass, and hijinks ensued. And Luke Bryan was the ringleader. I got there early, to see the opening act, one Dustin Lynch, who was supported by a band made […]