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E-Books Die

They’re killing the book business. The old guard, the ones married to paper and indie bookstores, the publishers afraid of big bad Amazon, have achieved their goal, they’ve killed the e-book. That’s right, e-book sales are down by 21.8%, the entire book business has declined by 2.7%, this is what happens when Luddites living in […]

Glen Phillips At The Levitt Pavilion

I went to hear “Walk On The Ocean.” Funny how one song can immediately grab you and stay with you forever. Life is about the stolen glance, the once in a lifetime moment, when something indelible occurs and you never forget it, you keep reflecting upon it as time goes by, it’s like it just […]

Trump Lies

Celebrities lie and the media repeat these falsehoods ad infinitum without examination. Donald Trump is a celebrity. Madonna sells out every show! No. Springsteen can play forever in New Jersey! Maybe in terms of time, but the truth is Groupon filled a bunch of those seats. Never mind the pronouncements about sales figures… It’s all […]

Tom Rush At McCabe’s Guitar Shop

He played “Urge For Going.” I awoke today and found the frost perched on the town Geoff Muldaur said frost didn’t perch, his wife disagreed, he said they’d be debating it all the way home. I thought Geoff Muldaur was dead. Guess I was confusing him with Mel Lyman. Did you read that story about […]