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The Joke

The Joke – Spotify The Joke – YouTube This rubbed me the wrong way the first time through. The second I tolerated it. The third I LOVED IT! That’s the power of radio, that’s the power of repetition. But every time they play an oldie on the Spectrum I flip the switch, I know where […]


ODESZA – Spotify I heard them on the Sirius XM Spectrum. The vocalist was Leon Bridges. The song was entitled “Across The Room” and it was hooky and anthemic and I needed to hear it again. So I pulled it up on Spotify and did some research and learned that ODESZA had played Staples Center. […]

My Dad

Did I tell you about the time my father roller skated? He was the least athletic man I knew. I threw better than he did at six years old. He came home with baseball gloves for him and me, kind of a toy one for my hand, but it wasn’t long before we switched and […]

Corporations Or People

That’s how we got into this mess. Reagan legitimized greed and for forty years America has been beholden to the almighty dollar. If someone is rich, they’re beyond reproach. They’re job creators, they’re more worldly and more intelligent and if you knew your place you would get on the endless treadmill and start running… In […]