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“Best Friend”
Sofi Tukker

I know, I know, it was in the commercial for the iPhone X, but Strasburg iMessaged me about this yesterday and I pulled it up and felt the sense of recognition and then the bass started to burble and I was hooked, that’s the power of a subwoofer. First and foremost, music must be hooky, it must lodge itself in your brain to the point it turns into aural dope, without it you cannot function, you want to put it on endless repeat to get the high.

You can analyze this to death but you’d be missing the point, it’s how it makes you FEEL!

25,343,067 streams on Spotify

Wanna be my new friend? We got a lot in common
We can talk ’bout nothin’, shoot the shit, we got shit to shoot

Took me a few times to catch these lines. Shooting the shit, that’s my favorite thing to do in life, after skiing, ahead of reading, maybe behind. That’s what bonds people to you, makes you friends, SHOOTING THE SHIT!

“Be Mine”

This original iteration has got 123,482,751 streams on Spotify.
It’s subtle, like a drive late at night in a Mercedes through a tunnel in Paris, but not speeding like Lady Di and Dodi. You’re somnambulant, yet alive. You know that late night feeling, when you believe you’re the only one awake and proud of it.

There’s a plethora of remixes of this cut on Spotify, check them out, just let them play, you’ll be in the mood.

Ofenbach vs. Nick Waterhouse

This is a bit faster, late afternoon going to the next destination.

This has got 52,722,596 streams.

“Feel It Still”
Offenbach Remix

What I like about Spotify is they list the act’s most popular tracks, you can see the play counts, so you can see what everybody else has gotten excited about. But sometimes I click on a track and get busy doing something else and Spotify slips into the next track and I get hooked on that. This is a remix of Portugal. The Man’s gigantic hit but it’s just a little bit different and resonates on its own level.

“Come To Me”
Ofenbach Remix

I’ll be honest, I don’t know the 2013 Lily & Madeline original. Which got 3,438,171 Spotify streams in its initial incarnation, whereas this Ofenbach remix has 31,718,046.

This was the next track after “Feel It Still.” It’s a bit ethereal and otherworldly, it reminds you of nothing in today’s crazy, mixed-up, shook-up world, which is maybe why it feels so good… It’s a world in which music is not mindless, but the alterna…

And after that, came…

Ofenbach’s remix of Robin Schulz’s “OK” featuring James Blunt. Hell, I thought Blunt was a one hit wonder, deep in the past, but “OK” was a huge hit overseas this past year and made it to #1 on the U.S. Dance Club chart, which is equivalent to being #1 in Bismarck, North Dakota, i.e. almost no one heard it. This is the world we presently live in, one in which hip-hop gets all the press, the rockers complain and everybody else is ignored, but when you listen to this and the other Ofenbach tracks you get excited about music without feeling like you’re slumming it, this is not calculated pop and it gets your body moving while setting your mind free and you wonder how you can hear more stuff like this.

I’m privileged to have people e-mail me about this stuff, but if you’re on the outside, not deep in the scene, it’s just too overwhelming, there’s just too much choice.

Every time I pull up Ofenbach on Spotify I go deep, I never click off, suddenly it’s an hour later and I’m still listening to them.

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