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The Democratic Convention

Do you feel left out? I most certainly do. I’m a rank and file Democrat who feels that so far this Philadelphia party has been a circle jerk wherein the usual suspects want to feel good about themselves. Reminds me of the cool people in high school, who wanted nothing to do with me. Does […]

Yahoo Lessons

1. He not busy being born is busy dying. That which is high-flying today might crash tomorrow. Always be looking in the rearview mirror, especially in tech, where everybody has the tools and the barrier to entry is low. 2. Don’t take on an undoable task. Where does Marissa Mayer go from here? Probably home, […]

The Tony Schwartz Story

“Donald Trump’s Ghostwriter Tells All” The problem with Americans is they don’t read. We live in a visual society. Once upon a time we thought the written word was returning, via the internet, where typing was king. But not anymore, Instagram blew a giant hole in that paradigm, and Snapchat came driving through thereafter. It’s […]

Friday Night Playlist

Friday Night Playlist – Spotify Friday night, nothing much to do but hang around “Long Flowing Robe” Todd Rundgren From Todd’s second solo LP, “The Ballad Of Todd Rundgren,” the best work he ever did, and as a result of streaming services it’s right at your fingertips to check out. This album, and especially its […]