The Democratic Convention

Do you feel left out?

I most certainly do.

I’m a rank and file Democrat who feels that so far this Philadelphia party has been a circle jerk wherein the usual suspects want to feel good about themselves. Reminds me of the cool people in high school, who wanted nothing to do with me. Does anybody there understand the real problems America faces?

And if I hear one more commentator, get one more e-mail about Michelle Obama’s speech, I’m gonna explode. Do these people live in such a small bubble that they don’t realize those who will decide this election don’t care a whit what the First Lady has to say? As for taking the high road… That didn’t work for Donald Trump, he rode the low road all the way to the nomination and it appears he’s gonna take it to the Presidency too, just wait until he lights into Hillary in the debates. If you think he’s gonna leave out Bill’s peccadilloes and the speech money and the emails…you live in a land of decorum where the women still wear garter belts and the men wear bow ties.

Elizabeth Warren had me fired up.

As for the rest?

Warren knows it’s a knife fight. She’s sharpened her shiv, she’s going for the jugular. As a result, her speech was pooh-poohed as one note. The soft and spurious focused on Michelle, while the left wing media couldn’t stop falling on its own sword. The “Times” coverage of the convention reminds me of the Jayson Blair affair, wherein the Grey Lady was so busy making apologies that it doomed itself to irrelevance. Today’s paper is so filled with analyses of problems, who won’t vote for Hillary, what wealthy donors got, Bernie’s travails with his supposed supporters, that you’d think the Democratic party was a coalition of disorganized upstarts who had no chance of success.

Maybe they don’t.

They’ve got too many celebrities to appear, but all those Trump voters are not, celebrities that is. I’m sick and tired of the rich and famous telling me how it is, how the hell would they know? As for Hillary herself, every word is vetted to the point there’s no authenticity left, and authenticity is everything.

I’m looking for some sharp elbows, some visceral attacks.

Oh, that was the Republican convention, the one all these people made fun of. Holier-than-thou crap if I’ve ever heard it.

Who checks out your groceries? Who cleans your house? All these people without a voice, I didn’t get the impression they were inside the arena last night. The gulf between us and them was vast.

I don’t want to hear how great America is, I want to hear how you’re gonna solve my problems. Otherwise it’s like going to a celebration where there’s nothing to celebrate. One where only the positive is postulated and everything negative is swept under the rug, like those financially-challenged.

On one hand it’s like 1968 all over again, with Hubert Humphrey unable to solidify the Democratic party.

On the other hand, it’s positively the twenty first century, where modern polling methods now declare Trump to be ahead. Sure, it might be the convention bounce, sure, Hillary might get one too, but never forget, Obama aced out Clinton in 2008 and Bernie put a big dent in her campaign here. So, she’s the lesser of two evils, is that really a convincing argument? Many would rather abstain than marry someone with no love, they’d rather dream of great sex instead of having mediocre coitus with someone they’re not really into.

The twenty first century is littered with the stories of those who played it safe and were then discarded onto the scrapheap. Hillary’s playing it safe via the old rules. Not only cozying up to fat cats, but focusing on the ground game… Trump is ignoring data and all the supposed magic for a message. And the message is…something’s gotta change, we’re mad as hell and we’re not gonna take it anymore.

And in Philadelphia all we’re hearing is things are good and you should just accept that.

A winning message?

I don’t think so.

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