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I’m balancing my checkbook. Yes, I’m one of those nerds.  Not only do I want to know how much money I’ve got, I get off on the numbers matching up, makes me recall elementary school, with all that addition and subtraction, makes me feel satisfied, amazed that these checks go out into the world and […]


I get this weekly e-mail from Scott Perry, entitled "New Music Tipsheet", he’s got a running commentary and this week he mentioned that "The Gap booked $11 million in revenue in a SINGLE DAY via a national Groupon takeover." That’s positively staggering. You can read the article Scott’s linking to here: Groupon Smashes Sales Records […]

A Bit More Mellencamp

He may be antiquated, but he ain’t stupid. By likening the Internet to an A-Bomb and saying a bunch more outrageous things, Johnny Cougar got everyone to know that he’s got a new album out.  Are people gonna listen to it? Well, at least they know it’s out. This is Rock PR 101.  Say something […]

TM Full Disclosure Pricing

@irvingazoff: New TM full disclosure pricing! Sat 21 Aug 22:38 I clicked on the link. And, for the record, I guess Irving wasn’t using Tweetdeck, with its automatic URL shortener.  Yes, it’s magic, there are programs which automatically compress long web addresses into short ones.  Although Tweetdeck does it automatically, you can also go […]