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In One Ear

And here’s where my inbox is inundated with missives by hipsters abusing me, telling me I don’t know shit, that I’m behind the times, that I’d better do the public a favor and stop writing. I was driving from Santa Monica to Pacific Palisades pushing the buttons on satellite radio.  First I heard a live […]

The Dean And I

The light is changing. I’ve come to detest the summer.  But when the days start to get shorter and the sun’s shine is not quite so bright, I yearn to swim in a lake, roast marshmallows, do all those summer things from the Beach Boys albums. I can’t tell you what an impression the band […]

Creativity and Careers

My Kindle broke. I was searching on a word and I noticed the 5-way switch felt funny, turned out it was broken…  But I’d already finished my book, Steve Martin’s "Born Standing Up: A Comic’s Life". Although not the best-written book, and despite his self-deprecation, Steve was seemingly shtupping every desirable woman extant, the insight […]


KANYE WEST’S GOOD FRIDAYS Kanye West Promises New Song Every Week Through Christmas If I hear one more oldster talk about his damn ALBUM I’m gonna send ’em back to the "Flintstones" and make ’em play their vinyl records with a quill. The album evolved into a long playing statement because of the format, the […]