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Re-Hard Sun

¬†Wayne Mitzen: Uh.. I think this is the original: ___________________________ Brian Hetherman Bob "Hard Sun" is a cover…not a Vedder penned song Originally written and recorded by a Canadian act called INDIO in 1989 on an album called Big Harvest ___________________________ John Craig: Hi Bob, Please don’t use my email address, but Vedder didn’t […]

Hard Sun

I hate Eddie Vedder. But not as much as I hate Sean Penn. Sean Penn is a phenomenal actor. Where he acquired his superior, holier-than-thou attitude, I’ll never know. He takes himself so seriously. Everything he does is so important. We’re supposed to feel privileged to be exposed to his art. But the movies he […]


In all the bloviating about Obama, I haven’t heard one pundit cop to the fact that MTV is responsible for his success. In case you haven’t noticed, Barack Obama is an African-American, he’s BLACK! Only thirty five years ago, this was a punch line in "Blazing Saddles". We lived in a country ripe with racism. […]

Sit Yourself Down

It’s raining. That Albert Hammond song is almost accurate. It hardly ever rains in L.A. And when it does, it’s a surprise. You get used to precipitation on the east coast, in Southern California it’s a rarity. It changes your mood. It makes you reflective. Funny, you wait your whole life to grow up, and […]