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At this point we can agree that the Telecommunications Act of 1996 ruined not only radio, but the record business.  The key to selling records is exposure.  And once all the stations consolidated, became homogeneous, the public tuned out, there was no consensus. The consensus has evaded satellite radio.  Even Howard Stern speaks to a […]

Can This Record Be A Hit In The U.S?

So I’m cruising up 20th Street, accelerating in my Saabaru, since that’s the only thing it’s good for, to get ahead of the car in the left lane before it holds me up waiting to turn.  And as I sit at the light, noticing the cop in my rearview mirror, the idiotic deejay on Sirius’ […]

The Future

I’m going to make a prediction. The major labels are not going to control the future. This is important not only because the majors controlled the past, but because they’re trying to control the future. And as the media chronicles each and every flailing, defensive effort, the sea change in consumption of music is being […]


Do you know anybody who’s a graphic designer? Maybe a photographer? Their businesses have been DECIMATED by technology. Used to be you provided all these services…that corporations now pawn off on twentysomethings in-house. Yup, take your point and shoot to the event and fix the images in Photoshop. There is Adobe software to do seemingly […]