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Under The Waves

This morning I went to the doctor for a follow-up appointment. This is the guy who repaired Felice’s torn ACL, he’s as good as they get. I finally broke down and saw him after the ski injury I had back in February ’06 never healed. He injected my shoulder with cortisone and prescribed physical therapy. […]

The YouTube Comedian

Personally, I like Monday’s paper the best.  That’s when the "New York Times" focuses on media.  You can read the Business section from front to back.  I’ve never really enjoyed the Sunday edition.  It’s too soft, it looks back too far.  The concept of staying home all afternoon turning the pages…I’d rather be outside. But […]

I Stand Corrected

In my most recent piece, entitled: "Dirty City feat. Eric Clapton", I made a mistake.  I substituted Gregg Allman’s name for Duane’s. The line was: "Eric did his best work collaborating with Gregg Allman." It should have read: "Eric did his best work collaborating with Duane Allman." If you want to go even deeper, I’m […]

Dirty City feat. Eric Clapton

Clapton and Winwood are hitting the stage at Madison Square Garden Monday night. Would I have a problem being there? Not at all. But I did see Blind Faith, back in ’69, the first time around, before the record even came out. I’ve got a tape of the show on my wall. If I try […]