In all the bloviating about Obama, I haven’t heard one pundit cop to the fact that MTV is responsible for his success.

In case you haven’t noticed, Barack Obama is an African-American, he’s BLACK! Only thirty five years ago, this was a punch line in "Blazing Saddles". We lived in a country ripe with racism. How could our population’s views change so much?


MTV started out as a visual AOR station, as white as milk. But, after prodding by CBS Records, not only did MTV play Michael Jackson, its ratings went up! Only when MTV became a big tent did the station truly explode. And in the ensuing twenty five years, the outlet has featured a rainbow of human beings. Of all ethnicities. Not only black, but brown and multiracial. To the point where those who grew up in the MTV generation, some of whom are already in their thirties, accept their multicolored brethren, it’s no big deal.

And who was the biggest impresario of the MTV age? Russell Simmons. Russell is an educated, intelligent human being who the common man believes is the father of hip-hop. And hip-hop, that derided art form, supposedly responsible for rape and even murder, also contributed to the erasure of racism in America. Eminem made a big point of lauding and hanging with his black brethren. On paper someone from a low income, underprivileged background was supposed to hate African-Americans, but Eminem wanted in. And the most famous producer, the most acclaimed one in music today? Dr. Dre.

I won’t say those under thirty five are without prejudice. But I will say we have the music industry to thank for this revolution of hope that Barack Obama is leading. And that’s what it is. A generation that saw Bill Clinton interviewed on MTV has had enough of the old players, the old system. They don’t want a return of the boy bands, they want a brand new act, in touch with the times. And what that act says is much more important than how he looks. It’s not only the pollsters and pundits who are out of touch with America, but today’s record industry too. The public deserves our respect. People want more. They want something new. They want music to BELIEVE IN!

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