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Who bears responsibility for the rap wars, the rappers, Jimmy Iovine or MTV? We have free will in America, ultimately the shooters must take responsibility.  But, we live in a society, do we really want people going around SHOOTING people?  I mean what if you get hit by a stray bullet? Oh, you say you’re […]


I’d be watching on broadband, it’s just that MTV’s site/broadcast IS NOT Mac-compatible.  Time was Mac users were second-class citizens, but the Cupertino company is now held in more esteem than this lame cable channel and its adherents feel that anybody who doesn’t play to them just doesn’t get it, is left behind instead of […]

That P2P ISP In The U.K.

Is not what it appears. 1. It’s a walled garden.  Only what is authorized can be traded.  All those live tracks, alternative takes, they don’t appear, only label-authorized stuff does. 2. The files are copy-protected WMAs. I don’t get this.  The labels are so unhappy with Apple, so pissed off at what a great job […]

Holly Holy

I got on a Neil Diamond kick. Reading about his fantastic live business my synapses fired, I needed to hear him RIGHT NOW! Turns out I only had "Cherry, Cherry" in my iTunes library.  I distinctly remember downloading all his hits, where WERE they?  Must have been when I rebuilt my hard drive three times […]