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They’re fighting in the movie business.  Bob Iger, impending head of Disney, committed a faux pas.  He stated the truth.  That people want to see the movie at home.  On the same day it debuts in theatres. The theatre owners FREAKED OUT! But who should the movie companies be loyal to?  The exhibitors or the […]

Sales Don’t Equal Good

Sometime in the nineties, around when Mariah Carey ascended in the marketplace, the criterion for quality became sales.  And not only does thatsuck, it’s inaccurate. Not that it’s the music business’ fault.  It started with the movie business. Grosses were always known by the insiders, they were published in the trades.  But then, the weekend’s […]


CD Sales From Hits: 1. Hilary Duff "Most Wanted"Hollywood Sales this week: 200,477Debut Don’t they usually release this shit just before Thanksgiving?  When moms no longer in touch with their developing daughters buy something they USED to be into as an Xmas gift? This is how far we’ve come.  When a useless cash-in remix album […]

Re-Six Feet Under

Who’ll walk me down to church when I’m sixty years of ageWhen the ragged dog they gave me has been ten years in the grave "Sixty Years On"Elton John It was like a death in the family. Last week I watched the show at Monica and Gregg’s.  They’ve got one of those giant Pioneer plasma […]