Who bears responsibility for the rap wars, the rappers, Jimmy Iovine or MTV?

We have free will in America, ultimately the shooters must take
responsibility.  But, we live in a society, do we really want people going around SHOOTING people?  I mean what if you get hit by a stray bullet?

Oh, you say you’re not living in Compton?

Well, if you live in the city and you haven’t heard shots, you never leave
the house.

How racist is the U.S.A.  You KNOW if white people were shooting each other
there’d be a Congressional investigation.  But black people?  Off the record
most white people will say it’s just one less person to rip them off/hassle
them.  As if the worth, identity and ACTIONS of a person can be determined by the
color of his skin.

Credit MTV.  After finally agreeing to air Michael Jackson videos, they
embraced black culture.  Then again, do they bear no responsibility?  Are they just
a reflection?  Can they make no decisions, have no impact?

Really, couldn’t MTV ban the video of anybody who fires a pistol?  Couldn’t
they decree certain videos wouldn’t be aired not out of censorship, but a
desire to establish a better society?

No, 50 Cent’s badge of honor is he’s been shot multiple times.

And Jimmy Iovine.  Who enabled Suge Knight.  Dr. Dre was unavailable but
somehow Suge extracted him from his contract with Eazy-E and made a deal with him and Jimmy released his albums?  Why do the label heads always get to stand on a tall pedestal and rant and rave about people stealing their product and
their past actions, their PRESENT actions are never investigated?  Never see the
light of day?

That’s the kind of culture we live in.  Where there’s no accountability. 
Money trumps everything.

Couldn’t the VMAs have made REFERENCE to the Suge shooting?  At least lamely
deplore it?  Oh, are they worried Puffy will whip out a gun himself??

I’m all for revealing the problems of the ghetto, but can we not use it as a
sideshow, as pure entertainment?  Can’t we DO SOMETHING about the problems

No, not in America.  We want LESS money to go to the disenfranchised.  We’re
just concerned with ourselves.

What did JFK say?  Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can
do for your country?

And what did Bush say after 9/11?  GO SHOPPING?!!

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