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Seymour Stein-This Week’s Podcast

I was at a gig last week and a promoter told me young agents had never heard of Bob Sillerman. That was a turning point in the touring business, when Sillerman rolled up the promoters in 1996, it’s the basis of the present touring landscape. You might think history is irrelevant, but he who knows […]

More Mumbai

You have to order the black Uber. I was going to the museum. I figured I’d spring for Premier. But what turned up was a car of no denomination, at least not one I could decipher, with a broken seatbelt driven by a guy who didn’t speak English. I figured it was just India. No! […]

Don’t Get Confused By The News

Spotify’s in trouble, its licenses are going to expire! Nicki Minaj produced a tweetstorm about Spotify, claiming the company put the kibosh on her album! Music distribution is mature. The news outlets don’t want this to be so, so they keep printing headlines that make you think otherwise. But the truth is the music business […]


And Tommy doesn’t know what day it is They upgraded me to first class. That’s right, I checked in and was walking towards the plane and the clerk stopped me and asked me if I was traveling alone, and she gave me a new ticket. And the paranoid person I am wondered if it would […]