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I was at a gig last week and a promoter told me young agents had never heard of Bob Sillerman.

That was a turning point in the touring business, when Sillerman rolled up the promoters in 1996, it’s the basis of the present touring landscape. You might think history is irrelevant, but he who knows it triumphs, not only in war, but business.

Seymour Stein knew history, he went to “Billboard”‘s office to uncover the hits of yesteryear. And if you listen to Seymour’s story, you’ll find the blueprint for success today.

First and foremost there’s the passion. If you ain’t got it, move on, the business is too tough. Like AC/DC sang, it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll – getting robbed, getting stoned, getting beat-up, broken-boned. If you don’t have an inner mounting flame, you’re not gonna survive. Actually, that’s one of the problems with the business today, the focus on the penumbra, everything but the music itself, music is just not a vehicle to riches, when done right, it’s life itself.

Seymour was led by that light. He took advantage of opportunities, didn’t listen to advice to his detriment. But found a way to survive and prosper.

It’s a learning experience, with no degree, none of the usual markers that can get you ahead in this life.

So you need to listen to Seymour’s story, even if you have no interest in the Climax Blues Band, Peter Green, Madonna, Depeche Mode, Talking Heads or the Ramones. Because Seymour saw something in all of these acts, and he acted upon it. And there was not instant success, but he got to the point where he’d refined the process, he recognized what was a hit and was able to sign it.

Maybe you know Seymour’s story, maybe you read his book, but in this podcast he evidences nuances, you can read between the lines, you can learn.

And you should.

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