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Taylor Tickets

Just charge what the tickets are worth. But no, rather than admit she’s into the money, she’s gonna bankrupt wannabes who are not gonna be able to sit in the good seats no matter what, because those are reserved for those who are connected, who oftentimes resell them, which is why if you want to […]

Saint Motel

Saint Motel – Spotify I’ve got this friend in Nashville, he sends me all the new country tracks. And the old ones too. He’s the guy who turned me on to Keith Urban’s “Stupid Boy” and Luke Bryan’s “Drink A Beer.” I trust him implicitly, he’s my go-to resource. And he just sent me a […]

Release Date

You sell in the fourth quarter. You stream all year-round. Once again the music business is on the cutting edge, the canary in the coal mine. Movies are fourth quarter dependent. What are people gonna see during the holidays? Thanksgiving to Christmas? They’ve got free time, they’re oftentimes not working, they’ve got to get out […]

Look What You Made Me Do

You never punch down. So this is the second strike out by Jack Antonoff, after Lorde’s “Green Light,” Jack’s no Max Martin. Martin releases no track before its time, Martin has his finger on the pulse of music culture, he knows the hit parade and adjusts his sound accordingly, Antonoff is a niche player with […]