Taylor Tickets

Just charge what the tickets are worth.

But no, rather than admit she’s into the money, she’s gonna bankrupt wannabes who are not gonna be able to sit in the good seats no matter what, because those are reserved for those who are connected, who oftentimes resell them, which is why if you want to sit up close and personal you pay more on StubHub, the fair market value of the tickets.

This is a tone-deaf scam. This upselling with a theoretical benefit.

I thought the Adele album was the last hurrah of physical. But Swift is trying to squeeze one more in before the whole paradigm crashes and we all go to streaming. Hell, she knows it, which is why she put all her albums up on Spotify.

In case you missed the memo, and it’s hard to, since today has been all Taylor Swift all day, she’s dominated the news, and I wouldn’t say in a good way, remember the days of the underplay, when you were already a household name? Well, Taylor Swift has perfected the OVERPLAY! Banging us over the head to pay attention.

So the story is, if you buy more Taylor Swift crap you get a better chance of getting a ticket. And if you want to know how it really works, you can read the terms here:

Taylor Swift Tix

Only a tween would take the time, and many are gonna be frustrated and angry when they lay down dough and find out they’re closed out. Parents will be up in arms, we’ve seen this movie with Miley Cyrus before, all because Taylor Swift is greedy. How could she get it so right at the trial and so wrong here? This is a naked dash for cash, an effort to sell albums so she can publicize how successful she is, as if it all matters, as if anybody can equal the stature and ubiquity of the classic rock acts, whether it be the vaunted Beatles or the Stones who never sold albums but can still sell out stadiums today.

I thought it was supposed to be about message, wasn’t that supposed to eclipse money?

But that was back before the music business was hollowed out and no one could make the money of techies or bankers, even though they all tried to, loving the perks. Hell, even Taylor Swift plays privates. Is NO in her vocabulary?

And this whole ticket promotion leaves a bad taste in consumers’ mouths. Hell, they’re pissed off enough when they can’t get tickets, now you’re gonna charge them and they’re still not gonna get in?

The backlash has already begun:

“People Have Feelings About How Taylor Swift Is Trying To Change The Way We Buy Concert Tickets – ‘Me showing Taylor my empty bank account after buying tour tickets and all of her new merch: look what you made me do.'”

Expect aw shucks Swift to take out her dagger and crucify Buzzfeed, all the news outlets out to get her, hell, she had a problem with “fake news” long before Trump. But the way you succeed when you’re on top is to take yourself out of the game, which is the opposite of Taylor’s endeavors. She wants coverage, she wants photos, delivering gifts with camera crews, shooting snaps at her holiday party, did Swift learn nothing in her hiatus?

No, she’s a MEAN GIRL! Yup, a hypocritical bully who seems to believe she’s been done wrong, just like the Donald, they both won but somehow that’s not enough for them.

And both are living in a bubble far removed from reality.

If I were Taylor I’d take a cue from Rivers Cuomo, who famously went back to college in the middle of Weezer’s career. She needs to have her horizons broadened, she’s been blinded by the spotlight, she needs not only personal development, but education, points of reference, she has to learn we’re all not measured by the monetary yardstick.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if once the mainstream press gets ahold of this Taylor capitulates. It’s almost a Ponzi scheme, but in this case you buy stuff you don’t really want for a chance to get what you do want, tickets, but you can’t get. The longer this charade exists, the worse it’s gonna be for her.

You’ve got to pay attention to Taylor Swift for the same reason you pay attention to Trump, because she captures the zeitgeist, she’s a reflection of us back upon ourselves, she’s evidence of how far off the rails we’ve gone.

It’s time to get back to the garden.

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