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The Paul Simon Exhibit

“Paul Simon: Words & Music” You’ve got to hook ’em with the very first line. Some things never change. Just like hip-hop is the sound of the streets and rock and roll is overbaked. That’s when Paul Simon turned away from rock to folk, when the former was repetitive and the latter was saying something, […]

A Startup

Is like a band. You need a leader with a vision, and a group of players who come together in furtherance of the sound. Assuming you want to have a hit. Most bands never succeed. And neither do most startups. Yesterday I went to a WeWork space in Playa Vista. That’s right, there’s a tech […]

Bryan Ferry At The Hollywood Bowl

Bryan Ferry – Spotify With the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. It was WONDERFUL! You go to a show and know they’re never going to play your favorite song, the one you need to hear, the album track from decades before, especially a driving, electronic number sans strings, at least the real thing. But after the conductor’s […]


“Birdhouse ‘Saturdays’ Official Trailer” It’s what I moved to California for. Once upon a time, skateboards had steel wheels. But then polyurethane came along and it changed the sport. I realized this in the parking lot at Mammoth Mountain in May of ’75. One of the locals insisted I try his new board. Which I […]