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Steve Miller At The R&RHOF

“Black Keys: We Regret Inducting Steve Miller After Rock Hall Insults” He didn’t remember who I was either. That’s right, I came up to him backstage, at the Hollywood Bowl, he was opening for Journey. I’d raved about his recent performance at the Greek, we’d exchanged e-mail, which was not brief. He was standing in […]

CNN International

These are usually done by remote. As in you show up at a location, put a speaker in your ear and you stare into the distance as you talk to a faceless host somewhere thousands of miles away. That’s right, I live on the edge of the country, far away from the epicenter of the […]

Bryan Adams Cancels In Mississippi

Now it cuts like a knife But it feels so right They call it a movement. It’s not organized at first, not focused grouped, not marketed and nothing is sold. But events transpire, outliers take a stand, people challenge their preconceptions and change is made. That’s how we stopped the Vietnam War. Come on, this […]

Springsteen Cancels In North Carolina

Art is power. In this crazy screwed up world that we live in, where the rich get the breaks and the poor are kept at bay, money has become everything. But when you got nothing, you got nothing to lose. That’s how it was for the acts of yore, accumulation was a byproduct, not the […]