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Prince Obervations

I NEVER WANTED TO BE YOUR WEEKEND LOVER But he was. I was stunned what big news this was. In an era where info comes and goes, where nobody dominates the news cycle and reaches everybody, Prince’s death not only eclipsed the demise of all of this year’s luminaries, it echoed the deaths of Elvis […]


It’s a sign ‘o’ the times. First came Bowie, then came Frey, and then the Grim Reaper moved on to Dan Hicks, and Paul Kantner and Signe Anderson died on the same damn day! Rock’s killing itself. And that’s what Prince was billed as. A black guy on a white label who was gonna revolutionize […]


I just peed blood. Just when you think you’re out of the woods, when you’re relaxing, feeling good, life throws you a curve ball. Assuming you’re interested in living for a long, healthy time. At dinner Dave called his body an “adventure suit.” He’s 65, qualifies for Medicare, but won’t go to the doctor. He’s […]

Steve Jobs Rules

DESIGN COUNTS Would Tesla have sold a fraction of Model S’s if it looked like the electric cars of yore? No, it looks like a Ferrari, and therefore early adopters, who want to look cool, purchased it. Few knew it goes like stink, with acceleration times exceeding all but the highest performance cars, but that’s […]