Springsteen Cancels In North Carolina

Art is power.

In this crazy screwed up world that we live in, where the rich get the breaks and the poor are kept at bay, money has become everything.

But when you got nothing, you got nothing to lose.

That’s how it was for the acts of yore, accumulation was a byproduct, not the main goal. Therefore acts could speak their mind, could take risks.

But that no longer happens.

Musicians are court jesters. Come on, what self-respecting player would perform for the corporate pricks who hire them for privates? Once upon a time these pillagers were seen as the enemy, as they should be.  But today musicians envy CEOs. They want to fly private, they want the perks, and they will do nothing that gets in the way of that.

Furthermore, they’ll make choices that squander their credibility. Not only the aforementioned privates, which frequently are unknown to the hoi polloi, but sponsorships and endorsements. An artist is an embodiment of his identity. When done right, the artist channels his emotions and feelings and insights directly to the listener. That’s why we revere artists, because they speak to us.

But how can you respect someone who’ll do what’s expedient, who has no backbone, who is constantly in search of money?

Not that there’s anything wrong with getting rich, but if you’re not willing to leave some cash on the table…

That’s what Bruce Springsteen has done here. Not only has he canceled the gig and gotten all that publicity, ultimately it’s costing him money, not only lost revenues, but refunds and more.

That’s an artist. Someone who puts truth, justice and the American Way before cash.


Things have gone topsy-turvy. Prior to this it was only corporate titans who balked at the North Carolina bill. Then you got PayPal saying it refuses to put its operations there. All laudable efforts, but where were the artists?

Home, afraid.

If you take a stand, some people won’t like it.

But you can change hearts and minds, you can make a difference.

Right now Bernie Sanders is the biggest rock star out there, speaking his truth. But I give Bruce credit for putting his hat in the ring. He’s still smarting from the blowback from his previous political efforts, but a true artist can withstand the social media criticism, can lose a few fans, all in an effort to stand up for what’s right.

Bruce Springsteen grew up when musicians were giants, when they were the most powerful people in the world, they owned the youth, they helped stop an unjust war.

Decades later the Dixie Chicks were excoriated for stating the truth about our President, the same truth that Donald Trump has employed to gain so much traction.

You remember truth, don’t you?

Bruce can’t deny his roots, his upbringing, where he came from.

But today’s fans have never experienced what he did. The Youngbloods implored us to get together, but Kanye West is all about himself, how he’s been wrong, stifled… He doesn’t seem to care about you.

So is it any wonder that today’s acts don’t take a stand? They’ve got no one to look up to!

“American Idol” was based on the paradigm of Mariah Carey, she was the patron saint of that show. That’s how far we’ve come, a nitwit with a good voice melismas and the proletariat falls in line.

Who’s going to be next? Who else is gonna follow Bruce? Jeopardize their career and lose money all for what’s right?

Used to happen all the time.

It has to happen again.

“A Statement From Bruce Springsteen On North Carolina”

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