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Who Shot Rock & Roll

So I’m talking to Clem Burke… No, no, I’m not dropping names here. He barely gave me the time of day. Why should he. But my point is…these people are my heroes. I stood in front of the stage, they were on it. They were the people I believed could make my life work, if […]

Rhinofy-Some Bee Gees

"Jive Talkin’" Four years is an eternity in popular music. But that’s how long it was since the Bee Gees’ last hit, "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart". In the interim Jethro Tull released an album containing only one track, FM trounced AM and "Free Bird" became an anthem. But in the sporting goods […]


Re: Lowery I’m not gonna fill your inbox with the protestations and ministrations of the minions. Everyone seems to have an opinion on this week’s meme and I know most are not interested in the thoughts of anybody but themselves. And I maintain all this bloviating is not moving the needle, which was my original […]

The Senate Judiciary Hearing

Be afraid, be very afraid. Especially when Lucian Grainge makes Edgar Bronfman, Jr. look like a paragon of openness and reasonableness. If you were watching this hearing, and you knew nothing about the law, were just deciding whether the Universal/EMI merger should go through on fairness, you’d say NO WAY! Lucian Grainge was so evasive […]