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I think I’m switching sides. I think I’m against this merger. On one hand I’ve been very influenced by Peter Paterno, who’s convinced me market forces always triumph, that the government does not need to get involved. Hell, look at Microsoft… It squandered its dominance all by itself. As for Live Nation and Ticketmaster… There […]

Last Night

We’re waiting for the older generation to die. The most insightful thing I’ve heard this year emanated from the lips of Irving Azoff, he said Lucian Grainge thought his competition was Doug Morris. Do you see what happened here? Doug got eased out of Universal because he was too old. So he’s on this vendetta […]

What I Learned At The One Direction Show

I’M OLD Now you’re laughing hysterically, chiding grandpa. But you’re missing the point. The twelve year old girls in attendance not only have no idea who the Four Seasons, Bobby Sherman, New Kids On The Block and the Backstreet Boys are, they didn’t grow up buying CDs and they never knew a time when there […]

The David Lowery Screed

Letter to Emily White at NPR All Songs Considered If only he’d make music as riveting as his writing, with as many people caring about what he has to sing. Then again, Lowery is preaching to the converted, wannabe artists who are pissed the gravy train broke down before they could get their fair share. […]