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Re-Top Forty

You’ve been sold a bill of goods. Chris Anderson wrote "The Long Tail" and now you’ve been hoodwinked into thinking there’s a demand for your music, that the Internet has finally made your masterpiece available to the masses and recognition, money and fame will flow into your inbox momentarily. But as the Who so eloquently […]

Around The Web

Louis C.K. He’s a COMEDIAN! He shows up with a microphone. Talk about expenses…THERE ARE NONE! Not that I want to castigate Mr. Szekely, but you think the enemy here is Ticketmaster, no, the enemy is your favorite acts. Who won’t go to the lengths Louie will, who won’t leave all that money on the […]


How many ways do I hate Adam Levine? First and foremost it’s the tattoos. Not so much that he’s got them, but that he has to constantly show them off, his sleeves are rolled up in every pic, even if the rest of his band are cuffed right down to the wrist. Hey, want to […]

The Newsroom

Speaking truth to stupid. I never watched "West Wing". I did religiously view "Sports Night", but it was never as good as the critics claimed. But then I went to see "Social Network" and I became an Aaron Sorkin fan. In a dumbed-down world where I have to spell out everything I say I could […]