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Louis C.K.

He’s a COMEDIAN! He shows up with a microphone. Talk about expenses…THERE ARE NONE!

Not that I want to castigate Mr. Szekely, but you think the enemy here is Ticketmaster, no, the enemy is your favorite acts. Who won’t go to the lengths Louie will, who won’t leave all that money on the table. If you don’t think the acts are the main driver of ticket fees you’ve got no understanding of the business. Did you read in Louie’s email that he’s absorbing costs? Just ask your favorite act to do this… Almost none of them will. They’d rather blame Ticketmaster.

So give Louie props. He’s made it and now he’s not only testing limits, he’s looking out for his fans, his customers, building good will. But as for truly keeping out scalpers… Ask Nathan Hubbard, it’s easier to talk about than to do. Whether it be throwaway credit cards or buying tickets and walking a posse in, it’s hard to eliminate.

But, give Louie props for trying.

But the people who don’t get tickets are still gonna bitch.


Deadmau5/Paris Hilton

You’ve got to watch the video…

If that ain’t the most soulless white girl on the planet…

Meanwhile, the whole world has gone topsy-turvy. Those PR people telling you to hold back, to utter platitudes, that paradigm is gone along with the L.A. "Times" which is now so thin it might blow away in a storm.

Now you enter the fray. You say what have you have to say. Honesty is treasured.

Deadmau5 is fighting for the soul of electronic music. And he’s enlisting his army against the poseurs, even admitting he pushes buttons on stage. Yet, he’s illuminating the enterprise, saying it’s all about the studio, building tracks, if only the celebrity phonies would admit that they got plastic surgery and couldn’t sing.

I’d say Paris Hilton is killing electronic dance music, but at this point it’s unkillable, the kids love to go and party.

But just like in the sixties, the artists are speaking truth to power. Since when has that happened? Deadmau5 attached Madonna, who has now lost touch to the point where she’s flashing her tits and her ass, leaving nothing to the imagination, although she should. But that’s what desperation will bring. The Web is the great equalizer. We’re now all in it together, even you Madge. The best thing is to admit it and laugh at yourself.

But don’t be above getting in the pit and defending your position.


"Spotify Is Now The Second Biggest Source Of Revenue For Labels"

That’s what I love about the great unwashed, the hoi polloi, they’re uneducated and can’t see the future. Spotify works when it gains scale. And at that point, you make more money too.

Then again, you’d rather bitch.


More "Payphone"


My inbox is filling up with people criticizing the Maroon 5 track.

I hate to tell you, but the first criterion of any successful music is that it be listenable, that it gain prominence in a person’s headspace very quickly.

But too many would rather tell you to listen to something twenty times to get it. As if even a five year old has the time.

And too many would rather break the rules than adhere to them. Wow, let’s do a focus group and play your music and have you endure all the thumbs-down. But you’ll just say these people are ignorant. But then you’re gonna rail against them stealing your music, say the system is stacked against you, that you just can’t get paid. You’re gonna do everything but look at yourself, look at your music. Hell, listen to the Beatles, talk about CATCHY! Oh, that’s right, they sucked too.

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