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Sunday Songs

"Another Park, Another Sunday"The Doobie Brothers Normally, when I go through e-mail, I leave the music off, it breaks my concentration, especially on a day like today, where I’m trying to go through hundreds, catching up from being out of town. But testing out the upgrade of my Sonos app on my laptop I brought […]

Cowsills Correction

They DID have another hit. My inbox is telling me over and over again that they burned up the charts with their cover of "Hair". So let the record stand corrected. But I always hated their version. Not only did it not hold a candle to the Original Broadway Cast Recording, it didn’t measure up […]


So I’m talking with an old buddy and he tells me he really likes the Doobie Brothers. I told him I used to hate them, but now I love them! My favorite track used to be "Neal’s Fandango", but now, it’s "Another Park, Another Sunday". And this got me to thinking…what other songs have "park" […]

Restaurant Impossible

Like music in the sixties, the Food Network is riding the wave of public interest in comestibles all the way to the bank. They’re so successful, they even added a second channel. Everybody eats, but one must credit their programming department, they’re always coming up with new spins on the reality theme that get you […]