Cowsills Correction

They DID have another hit. My inbox is telling me over and over again that they burned up the charts with their cover of "Hair".

So let the record stand corrected.

But I always hated their version. Not only did it not hold a candle to the Original Broadway Cast Recording, it didn’t measure up to the OFF-BROADWAY CAST RECORDING!

Yes, the one my mother bought after seeing the production at the Public Theatre. The one with the pink cover, with different versions of the songs…it’s the one I played incessantly and know by heart and via the magic of YouTube, you can now experience it too.

Go to:

Hair – Off Broadway Cast 1967
"Hair" begins around 8:58.

Or, baby boomers can start at the beginning, and marvel at the difference from the Broadway Cast version they know by heart.

As for the Cowsills rendition… It made me retch then and still does. It’s beyond forgettable, it’s been FORGOTTEN!

Then again, not by my intrepid readers!

P.S. And just so I don’t get any more e-mail about my lack of Cowsills knowledge, let me admit that"Indian Lake" inched into the Top Ten too!

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