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Live Nation Salaries

You’ve got to read this "Fast Company" article on Nathan Hubbard: Ticketmaster: Rocking The Most Hated Brand In America In it Nathan decries my accusation that he made $5.7 million last year. He claims it’s untrue.  That most of it was stock options.  His 2010 salary and bonus WAS ONLY $1.3 million! $1.3 million.  Why? […]


Good morning! Huh?  But it’s noon! I know, but I just woke up.  You see I was up all night reading "Unbroken". "Unbroken"? I was clueless too.  Daniel Glass sent it to me.  I was just planning to scan a few pages in order to not feel guilty, to let him know I’d made an […]

E-Mail Of The Day

From: John David SoutherSubject: Thanks from JD Souther Bob, Nothing appeals to me like a maverick and you definitely don’t wear anyone’s brand but your own. You’re one of a kind writing has cracked me up, made me scratch my head and look for the material covered, and now filled me with surprise and gratitude. […]

Luke Weighs In

From: Steve LukatherRe: Oldsters With New Releases I just read your new post. It IS 100% right on. I am out with a new/old version of my old band Toto right now (not the one you saw). It is my high school pals and NO record.. We got together to help our brother Mike Porcaro […]