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Countdown to EDC VEGAS 2011 – Official Behind the Scenes Video

Countdown to EDC VEGAS 2011: Official Behind the Scenes Video Doesn’t this make you want to go? Future concert promoters know it’s not about the deal but the experience.  You can hire new lawyers, you can find someone else to come up with the money, but you cannot replicate creativity. Don’t carp about the music.  […]

Oldsters With New Releases

I heard a Robbie Robertson song on the radio today. Sirius XM’s Loft.  There’s not a terrestrial radio station that’d play the Canadian’s new album.  Not that he knew that. I’m constantly scratching my head.  These oldsters put out new music thinking it’s 1979, certainly no later than 1989, and then they’re flummoxed when nothing […]

Rush At The Gibson

I don’t own a single album. But I knew almost every song they played. That’s the power of radio.  That’s the power of the filter. Now was I sitting at home thinking I needed to go to the Rush show?  NO!  But when I heard Alex Lifeson wanted me to come, I was there.  You […]

Them – Mystic Eyes/Gloria (Music Hall de France, 1965)

Them – Mystic Eyes/Gloria (Music Hall de France, 1965 Speaking of riveting live performances… While I’ve got your attention, watch this. It ain’t slick, and that’s its charm.  Take a look at the audience.  Even the oldster is into it! Despite being a TV mix, you can hear all the instruments.  The drumming is so […]