Luke Weighs In

From: Steve Lukather
Re: Oldsters With New Releases

I just read your new post. It IS 100% right on. I am out with a new/old version of my old band Toto right now (not the one you saw).

It is my high school pals and NO record.. We got together to help our brother Mike Porcaro who has ALS, a fucking Horrible disease.. we got back together with Me, David Paich, Steve Porcaro, Simon Phillips, Nathan East and Joseph Williams (son of John) singing and 2 great BG singers Jenny Douglas and Mabvuto and we are doing sell out biz. 2 shows in Amsterdam now and off in Europe for a month, Japan and South America thru Oct. and people are lovin it. We are all healthy and just fucking happy to be here. Oddly young audience and I am havin the time of my life. Perhaps I appreciate it more now than ever having a clear head and heart.. I know we won’t change the world and the hipsters hate us (although I wonder how many musicians/bands can say collectively we have done like 4-5000 records with almost every superstar in all styles of music over over the last 35+ years..) however I digress..

I am on line EVERY day connecting. Answering questions, tech stuff, song requests, squelching bullshit rumors and mostly just saying thanks to all who have supported me and my old band. No point in the old band makin new music. We have like 17 records of album cuts besides the obvious ones people wanna hear and I do MY solo shit for a core audience and I am happy to do it.

So.. have a nice day and it does not suck to be in Amsterdam with my 24 year old son seeing it and experiencing it all for the first time. For me… Fun to watch. Been there done it all anyway. I go to bed at midnight now. haha

I am out till Dec and already block booked doin all sorts of crazy fun wacky side projects till March next year and beyond. I AM the luckiest cat in showbiz and I know it!

Stay the course oh great truth sayer haha


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