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Why the fuck is Trey Anastasio’s new album on Columbia?  If this isn’t a record crying out for independent release, what is?  I always thought his manager, Coran Capshaw, was brilliant, but I’m going to need an explanation on this one.  Maybe Trey should have called Howard Kaufman, and put out the record through his […]

Old Man

What if you were just following your muse and you became a cultural icon?  What would you do? Artists fight for fame and fortune, and when they get it, it fucks them up.  Or maybe it’s that today’s artists fight for fame and fortune first and artistic expression second.  So they’re sold out from the […]

This Week’s Podcast

Nobody on the roadNobody on the beachI feel it in the airThe summer’s out of reach The Beach Boys brought me to Southern California. It wasn’t only the hits, I loved the album tracks too.  Everything from "Farmer’s Daughter" off "Surfin’ USA" to "Girl Don’t Tell Me" from "Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)". In the […]

Laguna Niguel

We should let Steve Jobs take over the world.  At least it would WORK!  And we’d be able to USE IT! I won’t bother lauding the advantages of OS X, you Windows people are never going to believe.  You think that anything that looks beautiful, that is not industrial and ugly, must be a TOY!  […]