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Here comes my babySinging like a nightingaleComing my way down along that devastation trail Well tell the lord aboveShe’s got a brand of loveThat cannot fail Somewhere along the line Clive Davis convinced everybody it was a hit business.  Make no mistake, it’s an ALBUM business.  And that’s why the business has tanked.  Chasing the […]

Din Tai Fung

On the east coast everything’s close.  In a matter of hours you can be at a PLETHORA of cultural attractions.  But in California, once you’ve been to Santa Barbara, San Diego and Palm Springs, you’ve seen it all, you stay home. Well, when I first arrived, I checked out all the locations from the Frank […]

Raspberries At HOB

So Eric Carmen’s sitting as his keyboard.  And he starts telling this story.  Of lying in bed every night with his transistor glued to his ear.  Listening to the Beatles, the Stones, everybody on the radio.  And then his fingers start waltzing over the keys. Well I know it sounds funnyBut I’m not in it […]

Lack Lessons

1. It’s Not As Easy As It Looks The music is made by teenagers.  Supervised by uneducated men who can’t be trusted who are attired in the clothing of teenagers.  How hard can this be? Very hard.  Although you can’t learn how to be a music executive in college, don’t think the business’ constituency is […]