Why the fuck is Trey Anastasio’s new album on Columbia?  If this isn’t a
record crying out for independent release, what is?  I always thought his manager,
Coran Capshaw, was brilliant, but I’m going to need an explanation on this
one.  Maybe Trey should have called Howard Kaufman, and put out the record
through his network.  Making three to four times the revenue on each disc sold. 
Jimmy Buffett only went to the Universal empire when he wanted to have a HIT! 
When he needed that infrastructure.  What the fuck is Columbia going to do for
Trey that’s worth leaving all that money on the table?

Oh, maybe Trey’s delusional.  He thinks he’s actually going to have a hit.

Yeah, right.  As if a decade plus of history hasn’t disproved THAT theory. 
And where exactly does Mr. Anastasio plan to HAVE that hit?  Top Forty?  Unless
he’s going to get Jay-Z to rap on his record, that’s never going to happen. 
And it’s not like his music is Active Rock friendly.  And AAA is a marginal
format that can’t sell tonnage.

The only people interested in buying "Shine" are fans.  And based on the tour
numbers Trey’s putting up, that’s a dwindling base.  Because Phishheads
perceive that Trey broke up the band on a whim.  That it was presented as a group
decision, but really wasn’t.  And they’re unhappy about it.  Sure, the main
creative force remains, but the CULTURE is gone.  Never underestimate the value
of culture.  God, Mick Jagger could never have a solo hit.

Then again, Phil Collins was more successful than Genesis.  And Sting has
done quite well without the Police.  But their careers were sustained on HIT

I say bring the old team back.  Which Trey will eventually do anyway.  Once
he finds out that people aren’t interested in his solo works, just the brand. 
Own it.  You don’t get everything you want in life.  Beef up the original
band.  Like Talking Heads.  Add players, work within the confines of the
structure.  Or end up David Byrne.  A footnote in history and completely irrelevant

Why do acts have no balls.  Why can’t they stand up to the system.  Are they
getting bad advice, or just that dumb.  Or just that afraid.  God, they take
risks with their music but when it comes to business, political views, they put
up their hands and say no.  They don’t want to stick out from the crowd. 
Don’t want to hurt their image.  When their success is BASED on putting forth
their ideas.  Makes no sense!

Then again, maybe Trey knows his solo career is going to be a failure.  And
he likes the Columbia advance.  That would be kind of sad, but he wouldn’t be
the first money-grubbing "artist" out there, primarily interested in being paid.

But Phish were different.  Phish was establishing a new culture.  Of bands
playing MUSIC!  With their careers built on the road.  God, Phish NEVER sold
tonnage.  Even though they tried.  God, you’d figure Trey would be happy that his
deal was over with Elektra.  So he could take ALL the money.  But no, he just
goes and makes another deal with the man.

My understanding is Dave Matthews re-upped with RCA because they gave him his
masters back.  Columbia can do no such thing for Trey Anastasio.  So what’s
the deal?

Believe in yourself Trey.  Be the guiding light for musicianship.  Show us a
new way.  To build an independent enterprise outside the corrupt major system.
 This is who we thought you were.  We were wrong.

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