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New York City

I just came back from lunch with Steve. L.A. is a giant suburb, that’s why I’m comfortable there, I grew up in the suburbs! You can own a house, have a yard and drive your car. Although I must admit as the years have gone by the traffic has gotten even worse. I’m now one […]

Lox & Bagel

I’m in Connecticut, visiting my 91 year old mother. I didn’t arrive until 1:30 AM, the flight was late because of weather in NYC and it took nearly an hour for my bag to descend and the pickup area needed to be overseen by FEMA. Why is it everybody in America feels entitled? Especially the […]

The Potato Chip

We had the Wise owl. The commercial is probably somewhere on YouTube. I remember seeing it on Saturday morning, during cartoons, Wise was the potato chip of choice. And it came in a bag with said owl and blue coloring. Do they still make Wise? I hope so, I’d like some, you see… Back then […]

The Cod Cakes

Felice is into delivery services. It started a few years back with something called “The Fresh Diet.” Little containerized portions of food, you were guaranteed to lose weight, and possibly swear off food all together, that’s how bad the taste was. Since they delivered every day, and sometimes we went out to eat, there were […]