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Re-Charlie Watts

Over the years Simple Minds have worked with the Rolling Stones on a number of occasions, mostly at various European festivals. It’s always an honour, albeit surreal. How come? Duh…Because they are the f*cking ‘Rolling Stones.’  And whilst others might refer to them as “Rock Royalty etc.”  – on a good night I have found myself thinking […]

Charlie Watts

“Charlie’s good tonight” And now there are two. Well three if you count Bill Wyman, but he split from the band thirty years ago. This really fucked me up. In a way I’ve not felt since the death of John Lennon, which was also a surprise. I knew Glenn Frey was sick. Bowie? As great […]

Re-Connie Hamzy

Since the article showed Connie as an older female, implying she’s seen rough times, I’d thought I’d send Mark Farner’s most recent photo. No freaking prize. You can’t find current photos of the original members- those I found, beyond the years of the band, showed they weren’t aging too well either. It’s a shame we […]

Your Favorite Long Song-This Week On SiriusXM

Six minutes or longer… Tune in today, August 24th, to Volume 106, 7 PM East, 4 PM West. Phone #: 844-6-VOLUME, 844-686-5863 Twitter: @lefsetz or @siriusxmvolume/#lefsetzlive Hear the episode live on SiriusXM VOLUME: If you miss the episode, you can hear it on demand on the SiriusXM app: